More Song & Dance from Studio Alderney

Studio Alderney celebrate a whole year of workshops with two more at the beginning of next month.  Having started in October 2011 with their first Singing Workshop, and following their highly successful Rock & Roll Island production in June,  Studio Alderney are now setting a challenge to adults to compete with the youngsters! 

Dance Workshop for children of 8 – 16 from Friday Oct 5th – Sunday Oct 7th.

As the Rock & Roll Island production was such fun, Studio Alderney felt the need for a follow-up weekend - so if any children loving dance havn't signed up already please hurry and collect forms from school and get them in quickly!

The Dance Workshop starts on Friday evening at 6.30pm at the Butes Centre with an introduction by tutors Louise McDowell who helped choreograph Rock & Roll Island, and Ange Stanley who runs the KFA Dance Studio.
Saturday runs from 9.30 to 5.00pm with a break for lunch and through Sunday morning from 10.00am to 1.30pm.
 Parents will be invited to watch the dance routines from 1.00 to 1.30 on Sunday.  This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for any child because they will perform their dance routines at the show on the following Sunday (Oct 14th) alongside the adults taking part in the Song & Dance Workshop.


The Adult Workshop, from Thursday Oct 11th – Sunday Oct 14th

The Adult Workshop will be tutored by Bee Husband, a talented Singing Teacher with vast experience in theatre productions, and Dance Tutors: Louise McDowell and Ange Stanley.  The workshop will be based on extracts from several popular Musical productions and plays and promises to be great fun.  Studio Alderney insist there is no pressure on anyone to dance if they don't want to, so anyone wanting to have a go should sign up now!  Why let the children have all the fun?
The Tutors will start the workshop with an Introduction on Thursday evening at 6.30pm at the Butes Centre, followed by attending the AMS Adam's Apple Performance in the Island Hall, as Beth is Bee Husband's pupil and the production is a musical comedy and should therefore inspire!
The workshop  runs through Friday into the evening with breaks for refreshment but Studio Alderney request that anyone interested in the workshop who is worried about taking time off work, please contact Caroline Kay-Mouat on her number below as the Friday evening is planned specially to cater for anyone working that day.  The workshop will run through Saturday and Saturday evening, finishing with the Show on Sunday 14th at 6.30pm at St Anne's School.

Discount for groups of 10+ and for over 60s are available for the workshop.
Forms can be obtained from The Old Presbytery, Les Rocquettes or from Louise Hayward.
Tickets for the show (£3) can be booked through Louise. T.824074 E.
Anymore details can be obtained from Caroline Kay-Mouat on 07818 455396 or email: or Louise Hayward onT. 824074 E.