Why Alderney?
Studio Alderney aims to attract people to workshops where the island setting enhances the creative processes and becomes pivotal to the workshops and their successes. These workshops are arts based in the widest possible sense:  singing, drama,  school musical projects, and later poetry, dance, architecture and sculpture. The workshops began in Alderney but are now travelling amongst the other islands thereby encouraging musical exchanges between the islands and encouraging visitors to learn/refresh musical skills in a Unique environment. The workshops provide a resource to already established societies and will look to respond to their needs as much as to individual requirements.

At the root of this project is the desire to inspire, educate, elevate and to have fun. (SEE PROMO) Studio Alderney Tutors have a lot of experience and appreciate that these workshops need to provide a safe environment for self expression and development.

Studio Alderney is always happy to accommodate specific requirements for a tailor made workshop.  Just email.